Creating a Document Collection for Attachments

In this article you will follow the steps needed to add a document collection to your workflow.


Firstly, go to create collection


Complete the properties as you would with a standard collection.

By default, 3 data types will load:




You can then add author or date created for example, and many more descriptive fields as required.



You then progress to form design; this is the design of how you want to collect information regarding the attachment.


You then should design the list of the collection. This is where should you wish to have multiple attachments; you show how the data of your attachments will be displayed.


You should then configure the standard search filter for the attachment.


Set your permissions as standard, you can exclude/include set users or job roles only if you wish.



The final step is to create widgets and check over the properties within the summary.

You should then save your collection; you then need to go to your collection with a process in that you wish to add attachments/files. Then go to the data design.


Edit data design,


From the main collection, click link collection.



Select your Attachment collection


You then should choose the relationship whether you want to attach a single file or multiple attachments.


You then should name the relationship accordingly and click save.


You have then added your attachments collection to your process flow.

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