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BizzMine Solution Store


The BizzMine solution store will offer a variety of pre-configured workflow solutions for you to download and use in just a few short moments.


How do you use it?

The development team at BizzMine have created an easy to use and simple method of effortlessly adding solutions to your BizzMine system.

Firstly, navigate to the settings area of BizzMine by clicking the cog wheel in the top right hand corner of your screen. This will be marked by the header changing to red:

By default, the solution store will be the first thing that loads, as seen below:

You can then browse the individual solutions by simply clicking on them which will present a screen with additional information on what the solution can offer you:


If you are happy with what is offered, then you can proceed and install the solution:

The collections and configuration are then loaded to your BizzMine environment and the solution is marked as installed:

You can then go to the collections in the solution to make any adjustments that you feel are necessary.


You can then return to the end user side of BizzMine where you should be able to choose your workspace

Just like that, you are up and running! Best of all, the solutions are free to download!



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