Collection Info Widget

Collection Info Widget


The BizzMine Collection Info Widget provides duration and completion statistics about your collections processes.

On the end user side of things, you will be able to see the following information about your completed registrations: 


  • If workflow is NOT enabled, then you can the total number of registrations.
  • However, If workflow IS enabled, then you can view information regarding the total number of registrations, the status of the registrations and time completion statistics. This includes the average, minimum and maximum times for each record.

Like below:


The configuration for this is very straight forward, firstly go to the settings side of BizzMine via the cog icon (which is highlighted by the banner changing to red)

On the left hand panel, select (beneath the Widgets list) option: "Collection Info Widget"

Here you will see a list of all existing Collection Info Widgets within your BizzMine system, 


At this point, you may wish to edit an existing one - if for example you have downloaded a solution from the Solution Store. Alternatively, you may wish to create a new widget. To do so click the "+ CREATE COLLECTION INFO WIDGET" button in the top right hand corner, just beneath the red BizzMine banner.

This will load the configuration screen for a new instance of this widget, as with most things in BizzMine - configuration is straight forward.


Name - This is the name you wish to attribute to the widget.

Default Caption - The default caption is the text (name) of the widget, it should be short and relevant.

Description - The description should be about the purpose of the widget, it is not a mandatory field.

Sub Collection - This is where you select the collection that you wish to retrieve the statistics on. It will load a secondary field search filter where you can select a filter (from the collection) to be applied to the collection information.

Workflow Statistics - This is a tickbox where you can look for the additional information (mentioned earlier).

Timing statistics: All Collection Items - this is where you will receive statistics for ALL collection items, regardless of status.

Timing statistics: Completed Collection Items - this option allows you to select only completed collection items.

You can have one or both of these options enabled.


Who Can Read - The standard permissions field, this is where you state who can read the information - you can say "everybody" or only specific users should you wish to do so.

Except - You can add additional criteria so you may wish to say all of department X except for John Smith for example.

Manager - Here you set manager rights, this would give elevated priveleges to those in this list. You can search within your organisation to choose these individuals.

Except - Again if you wish to add in a group of people, you have the option to exclude one or more persons from this.

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