End User Navigation in BizzMine

BizzMine as an end user is friendly and straight forward to use. As an end user there are 7 key components.


Logging in is straight forward, you will see a screen similar to below once you navigate to your BizzMine home. www.<your domain> 

Following that you should enter your username and password, these will have been given to you during the initial registration. If you haven't received them please check your spam/junk folder or drop us a message at



Open workspace(s) 

Workspaces are central to daily life within BizzMine, especially as an end user. Your workspaces are areas where you will see all of the data attributed to you, in a variety of forms; lists, charts, widgets .etc - It is therefore important that you know how to navigate your way between the different workspaces.


Select the green rectangle in the (above) screenshot to select a workspace. This will then load the workspace menu (below). Simply select a workspace from the menu to load it.


Use the workspace menu (workspace items& dashboards

When in a workspace, you will notice that, on the left hand side of your screen - you will have a navigation bar with shortcuts to perform tasks or to view an alternative dashboard or workspace. The shortcuts can be configured to suit your requirements, so if there is anything missing - let your administrator know and they can easily add it for you.

Starting a new registration

There are 2 different ways to create a new registration, via the plus on a list - or via the new collection item shortcut (above) in the side panel.

  • Via a list (click on “+”)

    - When you click on the plus, you will be able to add a new record. You will add it through your own custom BizzMine forms.

  • Via a “new collection item” Widget

    - The second option is to add it via a the shortcut in the left hand panel, new collection item - this may be for example; New customer complaint.

    - This provides a direct shortcut to create a record within your system at the click of a button.

In Process Actions

How to execute an assigned step

To execute a step within BizzMine you firstly need to go to the toolbar and select the envelope icon. 

When you have a pending task, it will be represented by a red number above it. To view your pending tasks, simply click on the icon and a drop down menu should appear, allowing you to select the task you wish to complete. You can then also view all tasks (at the bottom of the drop down menu) which will allow you to see pending or completed tasks assigned to you.

How to read notifications

The process for reading a notification is almost identical to executing an action. When you have a pending notification, it will be represented by a number appearing above it. To view your pending notifications, simply click on the icon and a drop down menu should appear, allowing you to select the notification you wish to view. You can then also view all notifications (at the bottom of the drop down menu) which will allow you to see pending or archived notifications that have been sent to you.

Change my user settings

You can change your personal settings within BizzMine, if you travel or your preferences change.

Select the person icon on your top toolbar, you will then see the option for User settings or Log Out.

 When you select user settings, you will be presented with the following screen. 

On this screen, you can select your language, timezone and numerical preferences - also, you can set your preferred default workspace should you wish to do so (though this is not compulsory).


If you get stuck or need any help contact, please submit a ticket here 


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