BizzMine terminology

Workspace selector

To select a workspace, firstly look in the top left hand corner of your screen for this (green) button:

Upon clicking on the button you will presented with a menu of all available workspaces.

Workspace Items

Workspace items can be found in their respective workspaces (as an end user) depending on your configuration – they may either be on the dashboard or on the side navigation bar.

A workspace-area is the whole of the workspace, inclusive of the widgets, charts, lists and sidebar items.



The dashboard is place where you can represent data the way that you and your end users want to see it. This can consist of table lists, graphs and html widgets.

Dashboards are typically found on workspaces (as a workspace item) and will contain widgets, lists in a range of layouts.

You can have multiple dashboards to show you tailored/itemized information.


Across the top toolbar, you will notice the following icons:

From left to right, they are:

Envelope icon - This is your list of Actions (tasks) to be completed. You can view pending tasks and previous tasks in the list.

Megaphone icon - The megaphone icon represents your list of notifications, this can be expanded. As with tasks, you can view completed and pending notifications here.

Question mark - This is the help section, you can view the support center via this or raise a query with our support team.

Person - Alter your user settings here.

Cog wheel - This represents the settings side of BizzMine where you configure your collections, workflows, workspaces, items and so on.



What are widgets?

Widgets are a fantastic way to personalise your workspace areas.

Widgets help you to visualize your data and are available in a number of formats:

  • Lists
  • Charts
  • RSS Feeds
  • HTML Widgets

To see what our BizzMine widgets can do for you, please look here.

Collection vs Sub-Collection

A Collection is the structure in which your data is going to be captured. Whether they are for direct data input or a workflow - they capture your data in your desired format.

A Sub-Collection is a collection linked to another collection. Thus creating a share of fields and information between the two collections. This information can be relational (updates) or historical (fixed).

A Form-Collection vs Document-Collection

The key to this is, to actually treat both collection types the same. They have been designed to be very similar, they interact and integrate with other collections with ease, create your fields relating to the document as if you were collecting such data in a data collection.

What is a Function?

A function is effectively a role within your organization and system. They may defined similarly to your own role profile structure within BizzMine. Assigned functions allow for tasks and responsibilities to be automated.

What is an External Link?

An external link is simply a hyper-link that will load up an external webpage, whether it be the news, company website and so on.


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