3. Creating Your Purchase Order Workflow

Build your workflow

Firstly, go to the settings area of BizzMine then select your Purchase Orders collection to edit. When the manage collection screen is loaded select workflow.


We then need to go to CREATE NEW DRAFT, this will load the workflow builder.

Within the workflow designer you will have the following options:

- The square icon represents a step in the process, to add into the flow click the square icon and once highlighted – click back within the swim-lane.

- The next icon along – represents a decision within the workflow. Also known as a decision gate, this would be used where multiple paths can be followed within a process depending in some cases, on the conditions set. A decision gate must be used where the flow takes OR returns from multiple steps.

- The green circle with a triangle, represents the starting point in the process and by default is pre-loaded to your workflow.

- The red circle with a square inside represents the end step of a process, where the workflow will terminate.

- The final additional button is the swim-lane icon – it allows you to add swim-lanes to distinguish roles and responsibilities within your workflow.

Across on the toolbar, you have options to zoom in or out on the process. And finally a delete button to remove any unwanted steps.

What will we need for the default PO process?

1 x Start Point

4 x Steps

2 x Decision Gates

2 x End Steps

3 x Swim Lanes

Set out like this:

Remember: To join steps, hover over one side and connect by dragging to the adjoining step.

The process takes the following steps:

  1. A PO Request is registered
  2. It is then sent to Procurement for checking
  3. It is then passed onto to the Approver within Procurement to take one of the following actions:
    A) Issue the Purchase Order and grant the request
    B) Return to the requester to provide additional information, before the process restarts.
    C) Stop and reject the PO request
  4. End


Registration Step

On the registration step there are not a lot of conditions or actions to be taken. However, as we designed our form earlier – we need to select it for the step.

To do so, we select the Registration step and the properties window loads.

Beneath form, we should select: Purchase Request Registration Form from the dropdown menu.


Procurement Check Step

The procurement check step requires 3 things to be configured. Firstly the Procurement Form needs to be selected as we just did on the registration step.

We then need to set a due date/deadline for the step to be completed. Firstly click the plus (+) next to SET DUE DATE


This will load a new window, which should be configured in the following manner.

No conditions are required for this deadline to take effect as it is straight forward. Should you wish to add criteria, you can do this at a later stage. Click save once done.

The next step is to assign an executor where we specify generally and/or under which conditions someone is required to execute a task on this step.

Again, click on the plus to add in your executor(s).

You will then see a screen as follows:

From this we can see that, we have:

  • A general description
  • Executors: Number of executors
  • Executors: List of users
  • No conditions applied to this step

Additionally, we have our notification settings for the step. This notification will be sent to the person responsible for executing the task.

You type the notification as if you would an email with the instructions regarding the task. Additionally, utilize the BizzMine bookmarks to let the system populate your message direct from the collection record. To use bookmarks, simply click on the field you wish to use the data from and either paste or CTRL V to paste into the subject/message body.


Procurement Approval

This step as with the previous, requires us to set the correct form design.

We again need to set a due date for the procurement approval step.

As with the previous step, we are not adding conditions for the due date at this moment. But you may should you wish to do so later.

Click save to return to the workflow.

We then must allocate an executor or executors to carry out the task.

Again, we are not adding conditions to this step and you should complete this similarly to the previous step with notifications to instruct the executor.

Once you have added your notification, click save to return to the workflow.

Gateway 2

The gateway is the decision gate that allows the process to take multiple directions, including reverse.

On the properties window you will see a notable difference to the previous steps.


We have set the gateway to action the following step based upon the conditions that we specify. Each connected step is listed and should therefore have conditions detailed.

Click the pencil icon to make alterations to the conditions.

All conditions are going to be set around the field approval and what it is equal to.

Above is joins the gateway to Issue PO.

Therefore the criteria is as follows:

Approval = Yes

Above is joins the gateway to End.

Therefore the criteria is as follows:

Approval = No

Above is joins the gateway backwards to more information required.

Therefore the criteria is as follows:

Approval = More info needed

Issue PO

We need to firstly assign the form as we have previously with the other steps.

We then need to set our due date for the step.

Again no additional conditions have been added.

Click save and then go to assign executors to specify the person(s) who should execute the task and complete the notification of instructions.


After you have perfected and refined any of the settings within your flow, you should save it.

You have the option to either:

  • Save the workflow – this does not make the process live to your BizzMine colleagues
  • Publish – publishing the workflow makes it live and ready to use

Now that your collection is created, let’s create the environment for it to live.

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