2. Creating Multiple Forms For PO Process

Multiple forms for 1 process

The next aspect of our PO process creation is to create the different forms for the different steps within the purchase order.

The reason that we do this (in addition to creating our default form), is to allocate specific requirements to certain stages. This helps protect the integrity of the process by preventing data being input at the incorrect stage, by the incorrect person or simply by data being missed out.

Firstly, go to your saved Purchase Order collection (in the settings side) and click edit. This will load up the manage collection window, select forms on the left hand panel.

Your screen should look similar to below.


You will notice that you have your default form that we created earlier. This time we are going to select the + CREATE FORM button and the first form that we create will be the Purchase Request Registration Form. The following screen should load and you should select the Purchase (PO) Requests form, which we created earlier.



Upon clicking the form to start from, you will notice a copy of your default form load along with the form properties window on the right hand side.

You should populate the name field with Purchase Request Registration Form or something similar to this.

At this point, we are going to keep all fields except for the following:

  • Approver
  • Procurement Department Remarks
  • Approval
  • Approver’s Remarks

To remove the fields from the form, simply hover over the field you wish to remove and click on the cog icon – this in turn loads the properties window for that field.

Select the remove field button and it will delete the field from the form (not all together).

You will notice on the Properties panel that you can make a field mandatory (required) or read only. You have the additional method for this when you hover over the individual field. Shown below:

Once highlighted the feature has been enabled.

You can see from the above screenshot which fields have been marked as mandatory for this stage by the red asterisk (*) next to the field itself.

We are going to repeat the above process a further 3 times, for each of the following:

  1. Procurement Form
  2. Approval Form
  3. Purchase Order

Again, these will be individual forms so go to + CREATE FORM to begin and repeat the process above with alterations to the name properties.

Procurement Form

With this form we are keeping all except 2 fields:

  • Approval
  • Approvers Remarks

*Note the mandatory fields on the procurement department section

Approval Form

Here we are keeping all fields but again notice those fields marked with an asterisk (*) to mark that they must be completed. Additionally, you will notice the padlocks next to the procurement fields – this represents that they have been set to Read-Only.


Purchase Order Form

The final form to create is the Purchase Order form, again you will notice the mandatory fields (*) and a number of fields are to be excluded:

  • Approver
  • Procurement Department Remarks
  • Approval
  • Approvers Remarks
  • Date Requested


After designing our forms, we need to build the workflow for the data to be captured against.

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