Search/Filter & Workflow Conditions - Checkboxes

In BizzMine you may wish to add conditions to automate system decisions, such as deadlines, step initiations or executors. (see here)

The conditions operators can vary depending on which field you have chosen. 

In this instance we are going to look at the options for the checkbox data type.

You will notice that there are 4 options that the field can be equal to:

- Blank

Leaving the selection clear/blank will mean that the condition will be ignored. Similar to that of a text field which is un-populated.

- Yes

If the checkbox is ticked (marked as yes).

- No

If the checkbox is not ticked (marked as no). This will also include empty values.

- Is Empty

Finally, the is empty option means that the field has no value. There are two possible situations where this could be used:

1) If you have a live data collection with data within it, then later on add in a checkbox field. The is empty option allows you to find the records that were created prior to the point where the new checkbox field was added, as that field will not be populated. 

2) When using multiple forms, allocated to different steps; some fields may be hidden at earlier and later steps respectively. If early on in the process such as the registration stage the checkbox is not visible - no selection can be made and thus when searching for results against the checkbox (if the current step has not populated the checkbox) then you would be unable to see it as it has no value.

Where should it be used?
In some cases, you may have to find records where that field was either not visible or present. OR actively in a workflow should the record precede the creation of the field to alter the path in which it takes.
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