4. Creating Your PO Process - Dashboards

PO Dashboard

We are going to create a dashboard to show us all of the details of our purchase orders.

Whilst in the settings side of BizzMine, navigate and select dashboards from the left hand panel underneath workspace items.


We are then going to select + CREATE DASHBOARD, this will load the dashboard creation window.

When it loads, the first thing you will be required to do is to populate the properties window.

Provide a name and select an icon, this can be a variety of things but going forward it should be relevant.

Then you should select a grid type from the list of options.

We are going to select the highlighted design firstly.

Click the plus in the center of the square to add in your list of Purchase Orders.


This will be the List of Purchase Orders PO that we created earlier.


We are then going to click on add widget band and from this screen we will choose the additional widget band style.

This will be placed directly beneath the one we have just created.

We are going to add charts to the two panels in this band.


Click the first panel, this will in turn load a window where you need to select create widget – this is where we will create our first PO chart.

Select chart widget, this will load another screen.

Populate the chart settings as follows:

Click save and this will save your chart to your dashboard and also your BizzMine environment, meaning that you can also use it elsewhere.

We are then going to add a second chart. Again, click the plus inside the blank space, create widget and select charts.

Configure the second chart as above and click save.  Once you have returned to the dashboard, click save and you are ready to see your dashboard & collection live!

The end result should look something like this and your workflow collection & dashboard are live!

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