SubCollection Wizard - Filter

Filters are conditions that will control the information to be output. This could be departmentally or by a date range for example. To create the filter in the sub collection:               

Firstly, go to the collection you wish to add the sub collection to and when in the SubCollection section, select create new SubCollection.

After doing so, you will firstly see the properties window appear where you should name and describe the SubCollection that you are creating.

You will then see a screen similar to that of search design - it is configured in the same way.

Drag and drop fields in, from the right hand panel to the left. 

You have the options then to set your operators, as seen above you can select things such as contains, equals and many more. 

You then add the criteria that BizzMine will search against.

As with searches, you can include and exclude conditions separately as you desire.

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