Create Collection Wizard - Data Design

Data design is the second stage of the create collection wizard, it is where you specify the individual data fields to be captured, their type and any parameters based upon that.

There are currently 10 data types in BizzMine:

  • Alphanumeric – This is your text field which accepts all text characters.

  • Numeric – This is for numbers only, you have control over minimum/maximum ranges and the number of decimal places.

  • Memo – This is the long text field - as with alphanumeric, it accepts all text characters but provides a much larger text area.

  • E-Mail – This field is bespoke for email address storage.

  • Date Time – The date/time data type allows you to add date and/or time to your registration.

  • Checkbox – Checkbox or tick box allows for a yes or no selection on your form.

  • Combo box – This is a box containing a list of values, which you specify. You may refer to combo boxes as dropdown menu’s or list boxes.

  • Radio group – A radio group provides you with a number of options whereby you can only choose one. An example use for this, would be a feedback questionnaire.

  • Organisation item – An organisation item will utilise your registered users list to bring details onto your collection.

  • Hyperlink - The hyperlink enables a quick link to a webpage, within your BizzMine environment or externally.

For each field you specify properties such as:

  • Name
  • Caption
  • Placeholder
  • Hints
  • Bookmarks

Placeholders will populate the field with a temporary explanation of what you wish to capture in the field.

Hints will, like placeholders inform the end user about what is expected to be captured within the field. However, it is presented via hovering on a help icon above the field in question.

Bookmarks allow you to bring through live record information to your messages and notifications. Bookmarks are created by default but you can rename them to suit your needs. A bookmark will represent a data field, the data that is saved in the field will then populate the bookmark.




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