Create Collection Wizard - Properties

At BizzMine we have wonderfully designed a wizard to take you step by step through the creation process for your data collections.

The first step of the collection creation wizard is to fill in properties of the collection.

The properties consists of:

  • Collection type (Form or Document)
  • Name
  • Description
  • Code
  • Manager rights

The BizzMine properties screen, step 1 of the collection creation wizard

Collection Type

You have a choice of 2 different collection types; 

Form - this is your more typical collection type, this will form the basis of data entry whether the data collection is static or dynamic.

Document - this is a custom collection type where you will specify the fields for data capture relating to a document. This in turn makes up the document properties. 

Whichever collection is created - the wizard remains the same.


The properties of any collection are straight forward. The name will be the name of the collection and this in turn generates a code automatically, though this can be edited.

Finally the description should be populated to specify the purpose of a collection, this also aids the longevity of your BizzMine system.


The final aspect of step 1 is the permissions. Permissions allow you to say whether an individual can have manager (super user) rights. You can specify to say everybody except OR nobody except... This in large will be down to the number of people to be excluded and your own preferences.

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