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Sub Collections are like most things in BizzMine, easily managed.

Why do we use sub-collections?

We use sub-collections to link two or more sets of data. This allows for easy, fast and convenient input of shared data.

For example:

- In a complaints process you may wish to link your customer details collection to the main complaint collection, which in turn means all customer details are linked to complaints without the requirement to add in the information repeatedly.

-Another example is during the investigation of a complaint, you can link it to a fault collection (name, description) and also to a sub-fault (name, description) should you wish to do so.

You can create them via the sub collections option at the bottom of the screen (via a wizard).

Alternatively you can link a collection

You simply go to the collection that you wish to link (or edit a link between) and go to the data design. It is important to remember, once a relationship is created between two collections - it cannot be altered (historical > relational and vice versa) until you remove the relationship.



Select the collection to be linked:

You then need to specify the relationship properties

What should i choose for "Must be in list"?

This will depend on your preference for input.

By selecting NO, free input will be allowed - but it is still possible to select from the linked collection.

By selecting YES, free input is not allowed, therefore the user must select from the linked collection.

Relationship type

This is where you specify if you want to look up an individual single instance of the collection record or multiple grid records.

How would you like the relationship data to be saved?

Relational: The relational option enables the information to be updated in a record even if it is from the past. So should a customers details be updated for example, the record would also be.

This means that once the record is added it is fixed and should the information be updated in the main collection, it would not change.

You should name the relation something relevant, i.e: Customer Details -Complaint

After clicking save, you will then need to select at least one lookup field and include any other fields relevant. Note: You will only be able to add alphanumeric, numeric and email fields for lookup.

You then add the new linked fields to the form as in this video:



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