Manage Collection - Workflow versions

Managing your workflow versions is both convenient and accessible.

Navigate via the settings side of BizzMine to the Collection in question and select to edit. 


When you click on the workflow option on the left hand side, you will see all existing and previous versions of your workflow.

If you have not got a previous version of a workflow, then you will click on create new draft. 

You should create a new version in order to add, remove or edit steps (not for changing properties of a step).

If you wish to alter a live workflow, you can do so by selecting on edit this will load your workflow in its current format and any alterations once saved will effect the process.

If you click new draft, you will see a duplicate of your current workflow, however notably on the properties you will see:

Flow version: 2

Flow status: Draft 


When using a parallel flow - where multiple paths can be followed within a process depending in some cases, on the conditions set. A decision gate must be used where the flow joins and returns from multiple steps - see more about workflow creation here following our PO example process!

This being a revision, you should be familiar with the creation of a workflow already.

You will notice along the toolbar that you have both the save and publish buttons.

Save - this will save the changes as a new draft but will not affect the live process. This can be useful where management review is required.

Publish - this will overwrite the current live version of the workflow immediately.


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