Create Collection Wizard - List Design

List design, the 4th step - is used to determine the presentation of your data within the collection.

Design the list view of your collection by simply dragging the adjacent fields across to the central window.

This will show the data beneath the headings which are made up from the field names.

You can also add in system fields that will provide you with extra detail to your record.

You have the option to add or delete all fields from the list if you wish to do so.

You can also group by a field by dragging and dropping the field above.

It is possible to sort a list against a field by clicking the header.

If you wish to hide the grouping (hide grouping) then the end user will not be able to change the grouping that you have set.

Finally, you can add all fields - whether they are customer or system into the list design, except for fields that belong to a one-to-many linked relationship (linked collection).

The above is demonstrated in the video below.


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