Create Collection Wizard - Form Design

(Default) Form design in BizzMine is snappy, flexible and really easy to use! (and also the 3rd step of the create collection wizard)

The form is what your end user will see and is made up of two main aspects:

Components – The components relate to the design of the collection.

You have panels which offer separation between data subjects, panels can contain single or many (unlimited) rows within them.

You can add a title bar.

And finally you can add text, which adds a simple text label to the collection.

Add captions to your panels to form headers if necessary or you can leave them blank.

Fields – The fields listed show you the data from your data collection. These fields will be what you have specified in the earlier step.

You then arrange the fields through dragging and dropping to a different panel if required, but column-width will be reset to 1 by default. 

You also have the option to add an “empty row” which allows you to place different information, on different rows.

You can also specify the width of the fields by hovering above the field and clicking on the icon with the outward facing arrows. You can then specify if it should be 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns wide.

You additionally have conditions such as whether the field should be mandatory or read only which are similarly enabled by clicking on either the * or padlock icon.

It is advised that you utilize the multiple forms when setting any such criteria. BizzMine recommends that the default form should contain ALL fields (system and custom), this means that when you create additional forms, all fields are available to be altered, selected and controlled.

Multiple forms and why we use them

Multiple forms allow you to create custom forms for each stage of your process, should your collection be dynamic.

Further help for designing the form can be found on the following video.

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